Guatemalan families need your help!

Guatemalan families need your help! image

Help us provide life-changing medical care to rural Guatemalans

Typically, children like Gilber receive cleft lip surgery when they turn one, but his parents were too afraid. They had long lost hope of being able to afford a doctor, too. So instead, Gilber was kept hidden from everyone because otherwise, he was cruelly bullied and ridiculed for his appearance.

For Gilber, it was all hard to understand. There was also no school enrollment; his only friends were his parents and grandfather, who often came to stay to keep him company. So when Gilber's cousin Kimberly was born with a cleft lip and got surgery with a volunteer team, it was a turning point for the family. Soon after a PfS Health Promoter enrolled Kimberly in our Cleft Infant Nutrition Program, she received her first surgery. The positive experience changed Gilber's parents' perspective, and he was able to receive surgery soon after.

Partner for Surgery (PfS) has helped Guatemala's most isolated and impoverished people access essential, life-changing, preventive, and surgical care with the support of people like you. With your donation, you do more than improve someone's health. You are empowering communities and helping people like Gilber and his family overcome barriers.

We can't do this alone. We need you! Gilber is now enrolled in school and has enough confidence to play with his cousins. He also tells us he now walks to his grandfather's home to visit him for a change!